This is ilse and my attempts at tumblring, yes I made it a verb :)

How do you even request for me to be respectful/nice, if you can’t do either of them…

Sometimes I just want to know what am I doing wrong

I guess sometimes you have to grow up, and when you least expect it you realize there’s no going back anymore

Sometimes all I want to do is give up, but then I remember how hard I’ve worked for what I have that I go back to keep working… And sometimes it would be nice to have a special someone, for right now I’ll just enjoy the moment, he’ll arrive whenever we’re both ready:)

Gorgeous bracelet from my friend, all the way from #CostaRica

Gorgeous bracelet from my friend, all the way from #CostaRica

I meed to buy a new watch, and a wallet…

Some of my New year’s resolutions:
*never forget I’ll own a dog
*be more optimistic
*spend less money on junk food
*spend more time at the rec
*spend more time doing my hair
*won’t eat red meat, milk, yogurt (high cholesterol issues)
*not miss church and breakaway
*Walk more

imaginary hi 5 to the super happy/enthusiastic guy who sat next to me during chem, hopefully tomorrow you’ll make me feel less worried again :)

the moment you know you’re going through your pms when you cry while watching tv series :(